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Spirit of Zion Winners 2018, 5778

Avichai Yaakov

Avichai Yaakov

Avichai Yaakov was chosen to represent the younger generation, those who walk in the giant footsteps of the State’s founders, who carry the torch and continue the Zionist endeavor today, again putting their lives on the line. Avichai was awarded the second-highest medal of honor in IDf history, for his part in the Battle of Bint Jbeil. He received the high medal with his commander, who was killed in the same battle, Major Roi Klein. His valor on the field included stepping up when the chain of command broke down, as officers were killed in a long battle and Avichai entered and reentered the battlefield in order to return each and every one of his comrades ‘home to their mothers’, no matter the situation. He continued in leadership, directing the Tamir premilitary academy in Katzrin. Its students, most of whom come from Israel’s periphery, are encouraged towards personal empowerment, leadership in battle, and integration into Israeli society as leaders with vision. Avichai embodies a generation of selfless Zionists who continue the legacy of our elders.

The Spirit of Zion Award

The Spirit of Zion is an award for new initiatives, young Israelis with vision who recognize the need to stand up and be counted. These are people who dream, our next generation of dedicated, creative citizens who have what it takes to make a difference for the Zionist dream to continue as a vibrant reality today.

Special Advisory Board

The Spirit of Zion Award’s special advisory board includes: